Forex Scorpio Code by Vladimir Ribakov

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Everything that Originally comes with product including all future updates.

Basic Package ready !!
Update Webinars & Bonus Indicators will be sent step by step officially by weekly basis !!

Update 1:Forex Scorpio Code Webinar 1 – Basic & Advanced Tips.
Update 2:Webinar 1 – Trading Like A Lion & Risk Blocker Indicator3,FX+Scorpio+-+Trading+Like+A+Lion.pptx and FXScorpioPRange.
Update 3:Forex Scorpio Code Webinar3-Journaling.mp4 and ForexScorpioCode-TradingJournal.xlsx.
Update 4:Forex Scorpio Webinar 3A and 3B and FXScorpioScreenshots.
Update 5:FSC-Webinar 4 and FXScorpioCandles Indicator.
Update 6:Webinar 5-Divergence and MACD 2Line.ex4.
Update 7:FXScorpio Ultimate FSC Scanner.
Update 8:Webinar7 Statistics & FXScorpio_Statistics.ex4.
Update 9:Webinar 8 – The Art Of Scalping.
Update 10:Webinar+009,FX+Scorpio+-+Summary+and+Quizz and FX+Scorpio+-+Art+of+scalping.ppt.


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