Infinite Profit Cash Compass EA

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Original price: $199 + tax (= $213)
The Infinite Profit System guys released a new product, an EA/TradeManager for the Infinite Profit System, it’s called Cash Compass.
The Cash Compass EA is basically an automation tool and trade assistant for the Infinite Profit System.
It wasn’t included in the original package, they are offering it for $199 plus tax, about $213.
If you already purchased the Infinite Profit System from me for $97 (HERE), the Cash Compass is a highly recommended addon to get.

-Infinite Profit System With Dashboard.tpl,
-Cash Compass
Document: TA_Manual.pdf
Videos: Vid 1 – How To Install.mp4, Vid 2 – Introduction.mp4, Vid 3 – Alerts.mp4

The Cash Compass is compatible with the Infinite Profit System


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